Technical Support

I just tried registering to a website, and it says I already have a ‘META Innovation Platform account'. What’s going on?

You tried to register to a website created with the ‘META Innovation Platform’, using an email address which you've already used in another website created with the ‘META Innovation Platform’.

All of these websites are built on top of the same database, so simply use your account from the first site on all of them. If you forgot the password, simply use the ‘forgot password’ function on any of them.

This, by the way, brings you a number of advantages:

  • One account, not many, to manage across the META Innovation ecosystem
  • You can create a different personal profile on each site, or import an existing profile from one site into another, and then edit it if you wish
  • Similarly, you can import any Organisation Profile (for which you are the Editor) into a new site, and customise it if you wish
  • Your Personal and Organisation Profiles in different sites can be automatically linked together, so people can discover your activity across the entire META Innovation Ecosystem from any of the websites within it
  • You can be profiled on the home page of this site, and promoted by the META Group throughout its Innovation ecosystem

Can I get some help?

If you need help with an existing site, please use the help services provided by that site.

If you would like to know more about the META Innovation Platform, check out the Home Page and FAQs, or simply Get in Touch.